Covid 19 Risk Assessment

To comply with Health and Safety relating to the providing of a safe working environment and legal, regulatory and professional responsibilities the following Risk Assessment has been put in place for all visitors and staff here at Kinetic Clinics Ltd.

Inadequate screening process regarding booking of clients which will lead to infected persons entering the clinic or vulnerable clients/staff accessing the clinic. Members of staff, visitors to the clinic including clients, those accompanying clients and other visitors. General health screening A 3 stage screening should be put in place. This includes the following stages: 1) At the time of booking members of staff making the booking should question the client regarding health status of the client including; raised temperature, dry cough, difficulty in breathing at the present time. Any previous confirmed Covid-19 positive test results. Any vulnerable persons status including over 70 years of age, suffering from underlying health issues including diabetes, cancer, lung disease or those with weakened immune systems. Any persons living in the same household with any of the above issues or anyone they may have come into contact with showing symptoms of Covid-19. A health screening form will also be emailed to the client which should be signed and returned before the appointment is carried out 2) On the morning of the booked appointment each client will be contacted and another check of status will be done including present symptoms as stated above and all those living in the same household as the client or those who have been in contact with the client. 3) On arrival at the clinic, each client will be verbally asked again if their status has changed regarding symptoms, members of household’s symptoms and anyone the client may have come into contact with who have shown a change in their health status relating to Covid-19. This will be documented on their medical history records. Administration staff (Gayle Cotton, Rachael Wilson, Rosie Broadhead). Practitioners treating the client (on arrival at the clinic if admin staff not available). As stated in column D, at each stage mentioned.  
High levels of persons in any area of the clinic at any one time. Staff, clients and visitors. Treatment rooms are well spaced throughout the building and appointment times are staggered throughout the day according to practitioner. Practitioners work on different days therefore avoiding over saturation of staff in the building on any set day. 1) The Sports therapy, Osteopathy and admin teams are to be split into two  working groups. Each group will work inclusive for a three week period. The teams will then change over. This will avoid over saturation of workforce in the clinic at any one time and it will enable staff to self isolate between working periods to ensure the clinic environment remains virus free.  2). All clients will be asked to wait in their cars or outside the clinic until the practitioner is ready to see them 3).In any one day, the rooms used by practitioners will be spaced out with the building, and will each have their own waiting area for the clients who cannot wait in cars or outside should it be raining. 4) Clients will not be able to bring accompanying family or friends unless it is to assist the client due to disability. 5). There will be a “one-way” system of movement through the clinic. Visitors will enter from the front door and exit through the back. 6). Therapists will remain in their treatment rooms when at all possible and accompanying clients to the reception desk will be discouraged. G. Cotton and J Beck will oversee this process, along with the supervision by R Wilson and involvement of all working therapists. To be achieved in preparation before opening (1/6/20) and upheld every working day thereafter.  
Transfer of aerosol  particles which may be a risk of contamination All staff, clients and visitors to the clinic. All floor surfaces are cleaned daily with disinfectant where possible and vacuumed to carpets. All hard surfaces are cleaned throughout the day. Therapists wash hands before and after each individual client session. Toilets and sinks are leaned twice a day using antibacterial solutions. Bins are emptied daily. 1)PPE equipment will be provided for all members of therapy staff including the following: Disposable paper face masks ( sessional), plastic aprons, face visors and glasses- disinfected after every client. 2)Administration staff will be provided with face visors and regular disinfecting of these and working surfaces including desk/pens/keyboard and computer will be recommended. 3) A 2 meter distance will be restricted around the reception desk to inhibit close contact to admin staff at all times. 4). All visitors to the clinic will be required to wear face covering masks before entering. 5). Hand wipes/gel will be available outside the clinic for clients entering to disinfect hands prior to touching door handles etc. 6). Staff and visitors will be required to have their temperature taken(by non contact form) on arrival at the clinic. 38 degrees C and above is classed as raised and will not be treated or allowed to work. 7) Any member of staff showing signs of Covid-19 will be restricted from entering the clinic for 14 days and should self isolate at home. 8) Payment for treatments must be by bank transfer prior to the treatment appointment. No bank card transactions or cash will be permitted. 9). All customer/visitor toilets will be closed. Toilets on the premises will be for staff only and thorough disinfection will be required after each visit.10) Therapists will refrain from conducting any treatments which may encourage aerosol generating processes (AGP). Appointment times will be extended to allow for thorough cleaning of the work environment in preparation for the next client. Air distribution will be increased in the treatment room in-between client sessions. No soft coverings will be used on couches eg towels/sheets/pillows. 11) All member of staff will be required to change into work clothes on arrival and change back again before leaving. Each day they should wear clean uniform. 12) Staff should maintain a 2 meter social distancing from each other during break and lunch times and use of the kitchen and staffroom should be staggered to avoid overcrowding.12). Staff should remain on the premises during lunch breaks to minimise risk and should only leave the premises at the end of their shift. Management of the clinic will be responsible for providing all PPE for employees of the clinic. Any independent practitioners will be required to provided their own PPE to the same standards as those mentioned in section D. Admin staff will be responsible for administering temperature records for staff and visitors and keeping reception and all common area surfaces including door handles thoroughly disinfected throughout the day. Staff will be responsible for cleaning toilet facilities after each use. Therapists will be responsible for thorough disinfection of treatment rooms between each client. All necessary equipment provided for staff should be in place prior to opening of the clinic post lockdown and replaced whenever necessary. Regular disinfection of the clinic will be done periodically throughout the day by each member of staff.  
If you require any further information relating to safety precautions taken by Kinetic Clinics Ltd during the Covid-19 pandemic please feel free to contact us at this link