Emily Coulthard-Jones – Osteopath

Emily’s passion for osteopathy came at a young age; she quickly became interested in human anatomy, but also in working with people and their quality of life. She has always been interested in people as individuals and therefore searched for the perfect profession that combined both her interests, and osteopathy fit all the criteria. She has a personal background in osteopathy from hockey injuries, and is also interested in equine osteopathy having an equine background from the age of three.

Emily is registered with the General Osteopathic Council after completing her Masters of Osteopathy qualification.  As a newly qualified osteopath, Emily has relevant and up to date knowledge in musculoskeletal care and osteopathic treatment. These include basic cranial techniques and dry needling. She is keen to work in partnership with each of her individual patients; improving their health and quality of life through osteopathic treatment, referral to other practitioners if applicable, home advice and exercise.

As an osteopath Emily is required to continue her professional development throughout the year, leading to an expansion in skills and knowledge. Emily is particularly interested in improving her skills in the cranial osteopathy field and also gaining a qualification in equine osteopathy. She is fully insured by the Institute of Osteopathy.

To book an appointment with Emily, please contact us. You can get more information on osteopathy by contacting Emily here.