Gayle Cotton – Clinic Owner and head Sports Therapist

The Director of Kinetic, Gayle has over 25 years experience working in Sports Therapy. Since qualifying at the University of Hertfordshire, she has worked with several professional teams including Rotherham United Football Club, Rotherham Titans RFC and Sheffield Steelers, in addition to 14 years teaching in further education.

Her passion lies in assessing how the body moves and how sports injuries/bad posture affects this. Treatment with Gayle goes beyond addressing the immediate symptoms: she believes that the only way to eliminate a problem is to find and treat the underlying cause.

She specialises in Be Activated muscle activation therapy; a treatment protocol designed to make simple changes to incorrectly functioning muscles, allowing the body to make immediate shifts towards resilience, strength and speed.

Her other passion is Golf!

Training with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) at The Belfry, gave her a Certified Medical Practitioner status. Her unique skillset enables her to assess golfers both amateur and professional alike, using the guidelines of Titleist and combining with Be Activated to help golfers achieve a more consistent, injury free swing.