Muscle Activation

Muscle Activation – Be Activated Technique

Already used by top sportspeople, the Be Activated Technique was devised by South African Physiotherapist Douglas Heel. Gayle and pilates instructor, Julie Duffin-Green, were first trained by Douglas in 2010 and have been incorporating his technique in practise ever since.

Muscle Activation involves assessing how the body moves, and which muscles are responsible for movement patterns. If the wrong muscles are being used for the wrong bodily functions and movements, tension builds; resulting in other muscles being used to compensate. The overcompensating muscles begin to overlook or neglect their own roles because they are being overworked, leading to collapse and pain.

Think of the body like a fusebox; a muscle, or ‘fuse’, overloads, causing it to ‘trip’ and stop working. Muscle activation is designed to switch these muscles back on by triggering certain points in your body, allowing it to operate in sequence and at its optimal level.