Tom Myers - Anatomy Trains Body reading 101/102

New dates soon to be added!

ALL NEW! Take your postural assessment skills to the next level!

Date: TBC

Time: 09.00-17.00

Price: Early-bird offer until 29/5/19 £420, thereafter £460

Deposit of £100 secures your place. Remainder payable by 29/5/19.


Take a look below at our upcoming courses.

AACP- Acupuncture Foundation Course

This course is divided equally between direct contact time and self-directed learning. It is designed to offer participants a level of knowledge, skill and understanding that will allow them to practice acupuncture in a safe and appropriate manner, in a clinical setting.

Kinesiotaping Workshops

Discover the fundamentals and the advanced applications of Kinesiotaping from the UK’s leading experts.

Learn the hows, the whys and the why nots  and really make a difference to your client’s treatment protocol.

29 Feb -1 March 2020




Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques for Pelvis & Lower Extremity with Aubrey Gowing

Based on the foundational work of Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT), this workshop will teach you how to incorporate innovative and effective deep tissue, joint mobilisation, Myofascial techniques into your existing skill set.

The Frozen Child - A Talk and Healing Meditation

The Frozen Child is a guided meditation that allows clients to access a painful or even traumatic memory from their past that, even though it is normally buried in their unconscious, is affecting how they react to life to this day. It allows a gentle process of soothing, healing and integration so it no longer drives their responses to life.

Evolve - Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma

Advance Your Education, Kick Start a New Career!

In addition to the Diploma, Evolve offers a variety of Workshops and CPD (Continued Professional Development) courses; supervision; mentoring and development programmes.

Core Postural Alignment

The best kept secret in Holistic Health!

Date: 5/6/7th April

Seated Acupressure Massage Diploma with Academy of On Site Massage

Pre requisite (min): Body Massage incl A&P. This ensures a grounding of hands on experience working on the human body plus, knowledge of the systems and functions of the body and the subsequent effects of massage on these.

Oncology Massage-level 2/3 with Start with Touch

This course is only available to qualified massage therapists with a level 3 minimum body massage & A&P qualification and to those who have successfully completed START with touch Level 1 Oncology massage theory course.

Cameron Reid Training-Osteopathic Techniques for Massage Therapists

Osteopathic structural techniques are seen as the most safety conscious, specific, effective and effortless. This course will provide you with the necessary awareness, knowledge and skill so that you will be able to use them in your own practice.